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“ Exhilarating! To engage with the latest educational research and develop a culture of continuous innovation that can deliver radically better learning is not to be missed. ”

-Bradley Clark | Principal, Samford State School, Queensland, Australia

Creating Educationally Powerful Connections

Improvement in education outcomes takes time. Such improvement often begins by influencing the beliefs, values and assumptions of leaders, at both a system and school level, so that those leaders can, in turn, influence their teaching teams, with a subsequent impact on student outcomes.

Future Learning Solutions' Centre for Educational Leadership (FLS-CEL) consultants travel widely in response to client requests and to fulfill our diverse contract undertakings. Currently , FLS-CEL provides consultancy services to educational organisations in Sweden, Norway and Australia (Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland).

FLS-CEL’s team of specialist facilitators are ready and able to design a bespoke solution for any leadership concern or challenge - from school to system level.


New South Wales

Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

The Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP) is an extended leadership development program designed for newly appointed principals in New South Wales. The program includes a three-day residential experience, followed by a two-day Open to Learning (OTL™) Leadership workshop as well as two, two-day GGL™ (Growing Great Leaders) workshops.

The nine day program focuses on building reflective and courageous school leaders through the provision of research-validated, practical content shared with participants in an interactive and engaging format that acknowledges the diversity of experience and professional learning needs of recently appointed principals. CEL works closely with the NSW School Leadership Institute and a team of skilled, in-state, fully accredited* GGL™ and OTL™ facilitators to ensure that PLDP is fit-for-purpose and meets the needs of principals.

Growing Great Leaders - GGL™

The Growing Great Leaders Program (GGL™) has undergone a major review and update in 2020. The revised program has been closely scrutinised by our in-state, fully accredited* facilitators and the GGL™ program is now available to principal groups across NSW. Inquiries about accessing GGL™ should be forwarded in the first instance to the NSW School Leadership Institute. Further information about GGL™ is available on this website.


The Open-to-learning™ (OTL™) program is available to principal groups across NSW. Inquiries about accessing OTL ™ should be forwarded in the first instance to the NSW School Leadership Institute. Further information about OTL™ is available on this website.


The Evolve New Principals Program is an eighteen month induction program for new principals in Victoria, Australia. The program draws on elements of Growing Great Leaders (GGL™) and in partnership with Pinnacle Group Australia, offers principals a 9 day, comprehensive introduction to school leadership which equips them to lead their schools in ways that are effective and efficient.


The Open-to-learning™ (OTL™) Leadership program is widely utilised as a key leadership tool in Victoria. OTL™ two-day seminars are offered by the Bastow Institute on, using their experienced team of fully accredited* OTL™ facilitators. Leaders from all levels of leadership have the opportunity to engage with the transformative nature of OTL™. Further information about OTL™ in Victoria is available from the Bastow Institute.

The Growing Great Leaders Program (GGL™) is available to Queensland principals through the fully accredited* facilitators of the Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP). Inquiries about GGL™ in Queensland should be forwarded in the first instance to QASSP.

*Accreditation in both OTL™ and GGL™ involves extensive training and rigorous evaluation by CEL’s Train the Facilitator team.


FLS-CEL has held a contract to deliver training, symposia and resources for BI Norwegian Business School for the last few years. BI Norwegian Business School is an independent education provider specialising in business and management disciplines, with four campuses across Denmark and Norway. Founded in 1943 as a night school, BI now offers Bachelors and Masters degrees, as well as Doctorates and executive development programmes. FLS-CEL is proud of its ongoing relationship with BI and the positive impact that our Growing Great Leaders™ and Open-to-learning™ Leadership programmes have had for education leaders, teachers and students on the other side of the globe.

SAUDI ARABIA - School Immersion Programme

In 2018 the Centre for Educational Leadership coordinated the school immersion component of the Khebrat school leadership contract for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom Saudia Arabia (KSA). The programme built both theoretical knowledge and practical leadership skills through a combination of CEL facilitated seminars and school immersion experience. Key components of the experience included:

  • Extended immersion in some of Auckland’s top performing schools
  • Contextualised pedagogical and leadership theory
  • Preparation of a personal, fit-for (KSA) context, development plan for use in each participant's school upon their return to the kingdom.

Members of our team also provided in-country seminars and conference presentations in Riyadh, KSA, as part of this interesting and significant piece of work.

71 Saudi Arabian educators head home after three terms experiencing the New Zealand education system, read more in the Educational Central article below


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