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“ A powerful series that has allowed me to focus with clarity on improving what we do in my school. ”

- Principal, Australia

“ The most valuable PL I’ve ever participated in – it has changed my practice. ”

- Principal, Australia

“ This has been a professional gift. ”

- Principal, Australia

“ I am grateful for the investment in me. It has expanded my ability to mindfully and strategically lead my school. ”

- Principal, Australia

“ The most powerful, thought provoking and empowering PL I have ever engaged in. A must for new school leaders, ”

- Principal, New South Wales, Australia

“ When we started, I thought the course was a whole lot of different ideas. Now I know it is actually one big, powerful theory. "

- Principal, Australia

Growing Great Leaders™ Online

Course Details

This course is available upon request. If you wish to request this course, or you would like advice on the most suitable method of GGL™ course delivery for you and/or your team, please contact Colin Donald on:

About Growing Great Leaders™ Online

Welcome to Growing Great Leaders™ Online. The team at Future Learning Solutions, Centre for Educational Leadership is delighted to be able to support you as you build your knowledge and understanding of leadership practices that will significantly influence the outcomes of your students.

Growing Great Leaders™ Online (GGL™ online) is a series of six, two-hour, fully facilitated, online modules. The six modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school setting. 

Growing Great Leaders™  is largely based on the research findings of the Leadership BES (School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying  What Works and Why Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration), and builds on two key assertions:

'Effective education leadership makes a difference to learners, and requires in-depth knowledge of leadership and the core business of teaching and learning.'

'While educational expertise is a necessary condition for effective leadership, it is not sufficient on its own; leaders must also build relational trust.'

Growing Great Leaders™ Online (GGL™online) is designed for school leaders who are interested in enhancing both their leadership understanding  and effectiveness.  GGL™ online contains six comprehensive modules, each presented using a predictable, easy to navigate format.  A typical module includes:

  • a facilitated online seminar which not only shares researched, practical insights but also provides structured activities to promote further reflection and possible action
  • a condensed academic reading which summarises or recaps the research showcased in the webinar
  • additional short videos which share a personal story or application from a practitioner perspective
  • recommended books, readings, articles
  • back at school activities and challenges

GGL™ online participants also have access to a comprehensive website, for the duration of the course, dedicated to your leadership. The site features readings, videos, downloadable resources and more.

Growing Great Leaders™ Online covers six modules. Each module is two hours and is aligned to the student-centred leadership model and is designed to provide both theoretical and practical application for the educational context.

MODULE 1: Student-centred Leadership

This module is the backbone to the course which gives an introduction to the research and the Student-centred Leadership model.  You will learn about the dimensions and capabilities and understand the link between these and their power to improve student outcomes. 

MODULE 2: Building Relational Trust

Students make more progress in high trust than in low trust schools. We introduce you to the research that supports this claim, tease out what relational trust is in practice and how it is developed through the day-to-day interactions you have with students, staff, parents and the wider community. Without trust, we argue, school improvement is unlikely to be sustained.

MODULE 3: Establishing Goals and Expectations

This module covers the basics of goal setting theory and presents you with the opportunity to analyse the quality of your goals and how well you communicate and embed them into your school’s planning. You will have the opportunity to review and critique your school’s approach to goal setting and begin to develop plans for enhancing this.

MODULE 4: Resourcing Strategically

This module will help you to analyse your effectiveness at embedding your goals into the structures of the school. The module highlights the role systems and procedures play as you work with others to achieve your school’s priority goals. You will be supported as you review how well you use your strategic resources; personnel, time, money and material resources to maximise student outcomes

MODULE 5: Solving Complex Problems

If you feel like you are constantly solving the same problems or need to be more effective at solving the complex problems you are encountering, this module is for you. We explain and illustrate a model of problem solving that will help you overcome the complex challenges that confront you, build the trust of your team and improve the achievement of your school.

MODULE 6: Ensuring Quality Teaching

Module 6 challenges you to think about the way your belief, and those of your team influence student outcomes. A series of practical tools will scaffold ongoing work in your own school to enhance the quality of student outcomes in your school.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is GGL™online?

Growing Great Leaders™ online (GGL™ online) is a series of six, two-hour, facilitated, online modules. The online program is complimented by a series of comprehensive back-in-school activities that help ensure that your new learning  becomes a practical tool for influencing the actions of your staff and the outcomes of your students. 

How much does 'GGL™ online' cost?

$890 + GST

Are group discounts offered?

Yes, a 10% discount is offered for three or more participants from the same school or Kāhui Ako. GGL™ participants regularly commented on the benefits of having colleagues from their school completing the course together and for this reason, we recommend that school's consider registering their entire leadership teams. Team registrations build school leadership coherence and enhance the quality of goal setting and problem  solving. In the past, CEL has worked with large leadership groups (over 100) from large secondary schools. 

What is the time commitment required for GGL™ online?

The basic six-module series involves 6, two-hour online workshops. We recommend that participants allow 1 hour for pre-module reading and reflection.  

For best results, participants are encouraged to allow time for post seminar (school) activities. These time estimates do not include addition reflection and application - the time involved here will depend on individual motivation and the expectations of schools.

Do you recommend you do the modules in a specific sequence? 

GGL™ online is designed as a sequential programme of professional learning for aspiring, newly appointed and experienced leaders. See the programme overview for further information in relation to the six modules. Each module builds on the understandings developed in the proceeding work. 

Where is the programme currently being used?

GGL™ online is currently being used in one Australian state for all of its newly appointed principals (up to 200 participants a year).  GGL™ is also offered in New Zealand as a face-to-face programme at the University of Auckland's Epsom Campus (Kohia Centre).  

The appeal of GGL™ online for both Australian and New Zealand school leaders is the  level of flexibility and cost savings offered. GGL™ online requires no travel or accommodation for those living outside of Auckland, and is much less disruptive to school routines.

Is additional support available for participants

The team at CEL is eager to maximise the learning of all GGL™ participants. Schools are able to utilise CF PLD funds to access additional support. Alternatively, additional support can be funded directly by schools using school-based PLD funds.

Small group support is available by negotiation - contact your CEL team for further information.

Growing Great Leaders™ Overview


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