Growing Great Leaders Level 1

Growing Great Leaders™

The Growing Great Leaders™ course concentrates on building fundamental theoretical knowledge, and, using a spiral curriculum approach, keeps revisiting key concepts and their practical implications for improving student outcomes. In level 1, the basics of student-centred leadership are taught while in level 2 the approach involves participants engaging more deeply with school improvement processes (Bryk, Gomez, Grunow, & LeMahieu, 2015; Timperley, Kaser, & Halbert, 2014).

In level 1 of Growing Great Leaders™  we explore high quality, research-based content that empowers leaders. In level 2 we increasingly build on that knowledge and integrate it with explicit skills in gaining improvement outcomes for students using data.


In level 2, participants work on their own ‘problems of practice’ throughout the year, bringing along evidence and artefacts to illustrate what they are doing to put the ‘inquiry, learning, and action cycle’ (Timperley et al., 2014) into practice.  Leaders bring their own artefacts, evidence and problems to the course sessions.

spiral_chart smaller.png

Spiral based on Timperley, Kaser & Halbert 2014