Annual Planning

Annual Planning

“Measuring the pig doesn’t make it fatter” - Maybe it does! Use your short-term results strategically to plan for school improvement. Do you want to learn how ‘to narrow your focus’ and follow an improvement cycle? Do you want to develop an effective annual plan for 2019 with student outcomes at the heart?

The Planning for Improvement course is aimed at leadership teams to strategically think, plan and develop their 2019 annual plan. We encourage leadership teams of three from your school that may involve the chairperson or a board delegate, the principal and some other leader. Using your own school data, the course will allow time for groups to work on a first draft ‘skeleton’ of your annual plan.

The one-day course will cover:

Strategic Leadership

  • Whose role is it?
  • How is the strategic intent arrived at?
  • How does the annual plan link to this vision?

The elements of the annual plan

  • Goal focus to targets (Data – sources, clean data, disaggregated data, how to get the targets and intermediate outcomes – how to create and measure them)
  • The implementation plan – meeting time, effective professional learning, routines and artefacts that support the goals, creating cohesive practice

Time to work on your plan and get feedback

  • Review and discussion of common problems/issues arising

This course involves a broad introduction to strategic thinking and the strategic section of a plan, but concentrates on how to convert that to a practical and useful annual plan.  We ask you to send your current plan to us prior to the course so that information informs the course content and so we can give you some individualised feedback.  You will leave with more than information about planning; you will also understand how to motivate others to be part of making a plan for improvement work. We encourage three or more people to attend from each enrolling organisation. Feedback from our workshops suggests that the learning is most valuable and has the greatest impact, when a team of three or more from a school attend together.

We run this course during Term 3/4, email for more information.

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