CEL Vision Mission

The Who, Why and How


Who are we?

Future Learning Solutions, Centre for Educational Leadership (FLS -CEL) provide a range of leadership services for educational leaders and organisations both in New Zealand and overseas. All our work is informed by rigorous educational leadership research and the practical experience of our team of researchers, past principals and senior leaders. We are committed to improving student outcomes through building leadership expertise.

What makes our Centre different to other providers of educational leadership professional development is our adherence to being research informed and yet practically oriented. 


Why we do it

Our purpose is to grow educational leadership by enhancing learning to impact the excellence and equity of student outcomes. The Centre bases its work on a model of student-centred leadership developed by Viviane Robinson and colleagues as a result of their work on the “Best evidence Synthesis- School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What Works and Why”  (Robinson, Hohepa, & Lloyd, 2009) which examines the links between leadership and student outcomes. ” (Robinson, V. M. J. 2011. Student-Centered Leadership pg. 16).

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How we do it

Future Learning Solutions' Centre for Educational Leadership deliver high quality, student-centred leadership workshops to an ever expanding range of principals and senior school leaders. These workshops include programmes such as:-

We also offer bespoke design options for both schools and Communities of Learning (CoL) or Kāhui Ako as they are commonly called.